Memory fiber clip-in extensions 1 piece 40 cm

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“Memory” fiber extensions with clip. One measures 24 cm width and 40 cm length. This is the easiest applying system and allows changing your look in 5 minutes. “Memory” fiber let use the iron as long as we do not exceed 160º. Moreover it keeps the last hair style applied as it was from the first day: bringing the cutting-edge in smart fiber.

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Memory fiber clip-in extensions 1 piece 40 cm


  • Provide volume to poor hair.
  • Add more clip-in pieces to your long hair with extensions already applied.
  • Bring touches of colours to the ends of hair.
  • Encourage the creativity of hairdressers to create special hair styles which require long hair and volume in a short time.
  • Go travelling: is the perfect partner for assuring a lovely long hair in all circumstances.
  • Easy to apply and take off.



  • For keeping the shine of the extensions like the first day, we suggest you to hydrate every time you wash them with masks and conditioning products.
  • Brush and gather your hair every night
  • Apply our special Serum to provide silkiness before a gentle brushing.
  • “Memory” fiber hair extensions cannot be dyed.