Sangrá extensions

Sangrá Extensions

Sangrá offers different application systems of extensions to get a unique long hair.

If you consider your hair to be an essential part of your beauty, you have come to the right place. Sangrá extensions make it possible for you to have a unique mane of hair in the color you choose and in the style you want without having to wait for your hair to grow or be revitalized.

For the past 20 years, we have been the leading company in natural hair extensions in Spain. We have the broadest range of hairpiece products and all the extension systems. We are sure that you will find one that best suits your needs.

We believe in natural beauty. This is why our products, using the most advanced technology, have been designed in such a way that they look so natural that nobody even realizes that they are there, further enhancing your best features.

The hair that we use is 100% Hand-Selected Remy human hair, which means that each strand of hair is aligned in the same direction from root to tip, to ensure that hair is silky soft, completely manageable, and tangle-free once installed. We source the hair for our extensions from India, Myanmar, China, etc. And a blend of all these makes it possible to have the most exclusive hair in the world.

All the extension systems have been designed bearing the needs of modern-day women in mind.


This is the most invisible method. They come in small locks. They are attached to hair using keratin, which is a natural component of human hair. They are fused using a special tool that hair salon professionals have.
These extensions make it possible to have a longer and fuller mane of hair, depending on the number of pieces used. With 80-90 extensions, you can get a normal length of hair, while with 120 pieces, you will have an amazingly full head of hair.

As they are sold by piece, keratin extensions give free rein to professionals to unleash their creativity, as they can be installed according to the end customer’s needs. They can even play with them to add touches of color to hair or divide the piece in half to apply them to the most delicate areas.

They are estimated to last 6 months. This is because by then, natural hair will have already grown several centimeters, with the hair extensions moving away from the roots and most likely becoming visible. To remove them, a pair of special pliers and a glue remover sold as “Disol-G” are necessary, so as not to leave any remaining glue nor damage hair.


These are the ones most requested by people who want volume in a short amount of time. These are wefts of human hair which are attached to natural hair using micro rings clamped flat with a pair of pliers.

Aside from volume, the weft extensions also add length and color to hair. The professional can cut the weft of hair to any size to adapt it to the customer’s head for full, natural-looking coverage.

The weft extensions are estimated to last between 2 and 4 months.  By then, the extensions will have been displaced due to the growth of natural hair. To remove them, it is necessary to use our solvent (DISOL) and a pair of pliers (P3) to loosen the micro rings used to attach them.


As easy to apply as a sticker. Each hair extension has a double-sided tape, for it to be sandwiched in between natural hair. Neither an iron nor a pair of pliers is needed for their installation. You only need to press with your fingers.

The extensions are estimated to last between 1 and 2 months. After this period, the tape has a tendency to wear off, so it is advisable to use another type of double-sided tape which we sell as REPLACEMENT TAPE, in case you want to reuse them.


These are must-haves and the best accessories to enhance your beauty. You can put them in and take them out whenever you want: they let you change your look as many times as you want. They come in kits with several extensions that cover a mane of hair or by piece, to add volume or even add touches of color to your natural hair. They are perfect for travel or they can be carried in your bag, allowing you to completely change your look for any occasion in only 5 minutes.

The clip-in extensions last however long you want them to.