Our philosophy

Our philosophy

The beauty of a good hairpiece is that nobody knows that you wear it.

“The feeling of being part of the history of beauty in this country for having introduced hairpieces as another hair accessory is not enough. Innovating, being at the forefront, creating. These are what drive me every day, because there is always somebody inclined to feel the same way I do about beauty: with a true passion for hair”. These words sum up Gelen Sangrá, president of Sangrá hair international, a true visionary in the world of Spanish hairdressing. More than 30 years ago, she began using hairpieces as accessories, thereby taking the stigma out of using them only for therapeutic enhancement.

Her intuition told her that to popularize the use of hair bands, hairpieces, and wigs, it was crucial for her to design her own models to meet fashion and market demands. She dispelled the perception that hairpieces were artificial through investigation of our hair’s natural components, which she included in the final product. She managed to craft the best fibers that most resemble human hair. She gained international prestige by making wigs from human hair and from fibers that closely resemble human hair, with amounts that were more natural-looking than those on the market. “What distinguishes a good hairpiece from a bad one is when nobody realizes that you are actually wearing one. The essence of the person should shine through, this light on the face when one’s hair is perfect with no need for anything else”, asserts Gelen Sangrá.

In the 90s, she introduced human hair extensions in the best hair salons in the country to add volume and length to hair. They are widely available nowadays, but 20 years ago, extensions were only used for people who wanted to have braids or complicated hairstyles for certain occasions. Gelen Sangrá standardized their use and brought them within the reach of both neighborhood hair salons and top hair salons. For her, beauty is universal.

Since then, Sangrá has become a local and global benchmark for hairpiece products due to the quality of its products, its constant innovation, and its service, because it makes every effort to always be at the forefront of the industry. From its head offices in Barcelona, Sangrá exports its products to Europe, America, and Arab countries thanks to a committed team who, like its mentor, firmly believes in the importance of beautiful hair to feel truly beautiful—Sangrá beautiful.